Kotis is proud to partner with the City of Greensboro to create a section of the A&Y Greenway. This section of the greenway will connect to both the Downtown Greenway and the Lake Daniel Greenway networks, creating a system of greenways, not just a corridor. The project won overwhelming approval from the city's voters in a recent bond referendum. 

Our vision for this section of the A&Y Greenway extends beyond transportation and leisure. We want to create destinations along the greenway that users can visit for shopping, dining, entertainment and education. Having brunch on a patio next to the greenway, walking from your office to dinner and back to your loft, watching your child ride a stretch of the greenway from your rooftop terrace - these are all things an integrated A&Y Greenway can offer.

Greensboro ranks number four on the list of best affordable cities for outdoor lovers (including a nice shout out for our Darryl's Wood Fired Grill patio). The mountain bike trails around the major lakes on the city's north side are a key feature. We hope to enhance the city's existing trails with an urban mountain bike park along the A&Y and American Ninja-type workout features. 

Map of the proposed Greenway



Kotis owns 45 acres in Midtown Greensboro, which is part of the Battleground Avenue corridor. Kotis plans to create a live, work, and play district with amenities including rooftop terraces, shops and apartments along the greenway. 

We were able to kick start the Midtown area of Greensboro by placing several of our own concepts in the district. Our concepts located in Midtown include RED Cinemas Luxury Theater, Burger Warfare and Pig Pounder Brewery + Pavilion.