New CoreLife Eatery in Greensboro Provides Delicious "Real Food" in Vibrant Surroundings

Written by Faun Finley

Greensboro, N.C.– Core to the human experience is the desire for good food. But just what is good food? In our busy, multitasking, screen-absorbed world, we seemed to have lost our connection to it. CoreLife Eatery knows the answer: It’s whole single-ingredient, and free of anything artificial. It’s also known as “real food” and homo sapiens have been eating it for thousands of years.

CoreLife Eatery is coming to Greensboro with a menu that features hearty bone broths, warm rice bowls, and green and grain bowls – all made from scratch. You can amplify your bowl by selecting a “power plate” that also includes a choice of grilled “high-quality” proteins. Kids have their own menu of healthy selections such as Chicken Noodle soup made with rice noodles. But they also get to enjoy a twist of kid fun. Where else, for example, can kids get purple rice?

Ingredients that are missing from CoreLife’s menu items are GMO’s, trans fats, artificial colors and sweetners. You also won’t find antibiotics or hormones. CoreLife uses only sustainably-raised meat. Though meat proteins are offered, those vegan diets will have plenty to choose from, too, and CoreLife’s menu is clearly marked to show vegan options.

All CoreLife food is entirely gluten-free. It’s kind of a beautiful thing considering that celiac disease affects about 3 million Americans an another 20 million are gluten-sensitive.

It’s also a beautiful thing when you can get fast, real food in a vibrant and relaxed environment.

Kotis wanted the architecture of CoreLife Eatery to embrace the charm of historic Greensboro and the airiness of modern designs. The entire façade is made of varying shades of brick that add light and dimension. The windows are trimmed in white. The eatery also boasts a massive patio with a wood beam and lattice overhang. These architectural features add an aesthetic quality to the relaxed ambience that “Millennials are specifically looking for,” Kotis said.

That would have been more than enough to make the new CoreLife Eatery at 1430 Westover Terrace special. But Kotis saw an opportunity, or rather five, to captivate the audience for CoreLife – and anyone who wanders or drives by.

Recessed in the exterior walls are five total massive vertical expanses, covering three different walls. They are about 20 feet high and 10 feet wide and designed for the sole purpose of displaying street art.

Street art is usually in search of a suitable “canvas,” and often finds residence on walls of a worn-down structures or bland buildings. In this case, however, the building was intentionally designed with street art in mind.

“We’re putting gallery art on the outside and inviting the public in,” said Kotis. “People see street art differently now. They see it as their community’s unique expression and they’re proud. That drives traffic.”

And in the future, CoreLife won’t just see vehicular traffic. Plans are in the works for an adjacent greenway. This means the eatery will catch bicycle and pedestrian activity, too.

CoreLife Eatery is what Greensboro has been wanting. It’s good. It’s fast. It’s real. A corner location makes it convenient, too. But with Kotis’ unique architectural details and bold application of street art, it’s an experience people will be eager to have.

The opening date for Core Life Eatery in Greensboro is November 2, 2018.


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