Street Art Designed to Burst Our "Filter" Bubbles Hits Greensboro

“Topical” street art is the newest passion of Marty Kotis, who has brought diverse styles of street art — from graffiti to stencil and figurative to abstract to neo-cubism — to Greensboro. But how does a commercial developer and restaurateur become a patron of street art? 


Greenways Provide Exceptional Opportunities for Experiential Retail & Economic Development in GSO

Online shopping is fast and convenient – we all know this. But it has also gotten boring. Customers, particularly Millennials, want to have human, meaningful and immersive experiences.  


New CoreLife Eatery in Greensboro Provides Delicious "Real Food" in Vibrant Surroundings

Core to the human experience is the desire for good food. But just what is good food? In our busy, multitasking, screen-absorbed world, we seemed to have lost our connection to it. CoreLife Eatery knows the answer: It’s whole single-ingredient, and free of anything artificial. It’s also known as “real food” and homo sapiens have been eating it for thousands of years.